Admission Policy

Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist School admits students of any race to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities provided to the student body. No discrimination is made on the basis of race in administration of educational policies, applications for admission, scholarship or extra curricular programs.

The Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist School has been established to provide Christian Education for the children and youth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. However, children whose parents are not members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who are of good character and who pledge to govern their conduct according to the rules and regulations of the school are admitted.

Admission is based on the following satisfactory evidences:

  1. Completed application or reapplication form with the correct fees, medical form, social security number, and consent form.
  2. Good character references.
  3. Record of transcripts of previous school attended.
  4. Students and parents willingness to live by the written and verbal policies and guidelines given by the school.
  5. Financial obligation and support.


Five Year-Old Program-Kindergarten

  1. Five years of age by December 31.
  2. Submission of birth certificate.
  3. Submission of official evidence of a physical examination by a licensed physician.
  4. Submission of official evidence of immunizations.

Grades One to Five

  1. Six years of age by December 31 to enroll in the first grade. Must submit birth certificate. However, if a student has graduated from recognized kindergarten class, will be six (6) years old by January 31 of the following year, and has demonstrated through testing a social and academic readiness for Grade 1, he/she may be admitted to Grade 1. Students will be accepted in Grades 2-5 providing they meet all other admission requirements.
  2. Submission of official evidence of a physical examination by a licensed physician for all new students.
  3. Submission of request for all previous elementary school records.
  4. Immunization required by the state of New York.


Tuition Plan

The tuition plan will be given on a separate sheet for parents to choose the one that suits them best.

A discount will be allowed for more students from the same family attending the Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist School. A discount will also be allowed for those who pay the entire school year fees in advance. (See Tuition Plan Sheet)

Delinquent Accounts

Any account not paid fifteen (15) days after it is due will be assessed a late charge of $10.00.

Parents whose account is thirty (30) days in arrears will have their student(s) suspended from classes until satisfactory arrangements for payments must be made.

Before the student may return to class, write examinations, receive his grades or transcripts, satisfactory arrangements for payment of student tuition must be made.

No certificate or transfer of credits will be issued until the student’s account with the school is paid in full.

Students will not be accepted for registration if they have unpaid bills at the Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist School or at any other school unless proper arrangements are made in writing with the School Board.
Payment of tuition for the entire school year must be completed by the first week of May, or the student may not be issued exam permits to take final exams.

Students will not be given final grade, or have transfers released until their accounts are satisfactorily settled.

Students will be held responsible for willful damage made to the school property and payment must be made for replacement or repair of such damage.

Application Fee

A non-refundable fee must accompany each application form. (See special information sheet for amount)

Re-application Fee

A non-refundable re-application fee must accompany each reapplication form. (See special information sheet)

Registration Fee

An annual registration fee is charged each applicant at rates set by the Education Committee to cover the cost of textbook rental, workbooks, insurance fee, standardized tests, classroom supplies which are essential to the school’s instructional program and general office overhead.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee will be charged each student of the graduating classes, which are Kindergarten and Grade 8.

Library Fine
A fine of ten (10) cents per day will be charged for each overdue book. Full costs must be paid for lost or damaged books.


A fine of seventy-five (75) percent of the cost of each new textbook will be charged for each book that is lost.

A fee of fifty (50) percent of the costs of each used textbook will be charged for each book that is lost.

There will be a charge for each book that is damaged:

  1. If the pages are torn then the book will have to be replaced at the student’s expense.
  2. If the pages or books are written on, the cost will be twenty-five (25) percent of the cost of the book.

Laboratory Fee

A laboratory fee will be charged each student participating in a Science Laboratory and/or Vocational Arts class. Additional charges for breakage will be assessed each as are necessary. Books not returned are to be paid for by the student.

Common Area Damages

There will be a charge for full repair of property damages to doors, windows, bathroom, corridors, etc.

Tuition Payment Plan

The tuition payment plan will accompany the application form.

Tuition Payment During Illness Of Student

In cases where a student becomes ill during any given marking period of the school year the following policy will be adopted:

Time Period Payment Due
Illness for 4 weeks 100% tuition payable
Illness for 5-8 weeks 50% tuition payable


The school does not allow refunds on application fee, re-application fee, registration fee or tuition for classes missed, special vacation, or lab fees. Funds are refundable only when the school is at fault, i.e. where there is a lack of space, or if a class has been canceled.

Returned Checks

A fee of twenty-five (30) dollars or going bank rates will be charged for checks returned by the bank.