Each student is expected to attend classes regularly and punctually. “Each minor, in proper physical and mental condition, from 6 to 16 years of age must attend full-time instruction in a public, private, parochial school.” Public Education Law, 3205

Acceptable excuses for nonattendance include:

    • Verified illness of the student
    • Medical, dental, or opt metrical service
    • Quarantine
    • Bereavement
    • Letter from parent or medical personal

Unacceptable excuses for nonattendance include:

    • Absence from school to take music, art, or other lessons
    • Absence from school to run errands
    • Absence from school to carry papers, to help care for children, to help at home in case of illness of other members of the family, to assist in house work, because of lack of proper clothing for recreation.

Repeated Absences

Students who are repeatedly absent or tardy will be referred to the school committee for consideration and reported to truant officers as are required in the school district. Excess of six (6) unexcused tardiness or absences will require the parent/guardian to attend a parent/principal conference before the student is readmitted to class.

Tardiness and Absence Penalty

Tardiness and absence are excused only when a note signed by a parent/guardian is sent to the principal. If a student is absent two days (2) or more, please inform the school by phone.

Students are required to submit a doctor’s note for verification of a doctor’s visit.

Absence From School Premises

No student will be permitted to leave the school premises at any time during the regular school day, without a request in person or in writing from the parent/guardian. This applies to early dismissals of students.

Students will not be permitted to leave the school premises with anyone other than those known to their bona fide parents/guardians, or those authorized by them.


The school day extends from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday, and from 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Friday. Any student arriving after 8:05 a.m. is considered late.


Parents should arrange for their children to arrive at school not earlier than 7:30 a.m. and depart immediately upon dismissal. The school cannot accept responsibility for mishaps occurring earlier or later than the regular school hours. Therefore, we request complete cooperation of each in this regard.