Every student in the Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist School will be required to:

    1. Respect the Bible as the Word of God.
    2. Practice the principles of Christian morals, ethics, fair play, and courtesy in all relationship, abstaining from all forms of violent and unmannerly behavior.
    3. Keep his/her language above, reproach, refraining from the use of profane and lascivious conversation.
    4. Uphold the rules and regulations of the school.
    5. Consistently respect and obey the school staff, parents, and patrons, maintaining a constructively cooperative attitude.
    6. Dress in full school uniform.
    7. Attend school punctually and regularly.
    8. Go direct to and from school in an orderly manner.
    9. Leave the school premises during the school day only with the permission of the principal and the request or approval of the guardian.
    10. Pay for all willful damage or mutilation of school property.
    11. Refrain from the use of artificial cosmetics and wearing jewelry.
    12. Refrain from the use, handling, or possession of liquor, intoxicating beverages, tobacco, pipes, cigarettes, or narcotics in any form.
    13. Actively participate in the learning process of the school.
    14. Have teacher’s permission to bring radios, walkmans, or any other electronic devices to school.
    15. Present authorized excuse after being absent.
    16. Refrain from cheating, if caught students will automatically be given an “F”.
    17. Refrain from bringing radios or tape recorders to school without the teacher’s permission. Any item brought to school including radios, walkmans, or any other electronic devices will be confiscated and held until the end of the school year.