All students are required to wear the required school uniform each day. In case of an emergency, a written explanation from parents/guardians must be sent to the school office.

Girls’ Uniform

Grades K-5, maroon jumper, white blouse, tie, maroon sweater, black shoes, no sneakers (only for gym), and maroon socks/tights.

Wearing Pants

During the cold winter months, it often becomes necessary for girls to wear pants as a means of protection against the weather. Consequently, the wearing of pants under skirts during the winter months is optional.

However, when pants are worn they must be the matching uniform pants supplied by the Ideal Department Store. The student reserves the right to remove the pants (with teachers’ permission) during any course of the school day.

Boys’ Uniform

Boys uniform consists of white short or long sleeve shirt, navy blue pants, a maroon plaid tie, maroon blazer, and black shoes, no sneakers (only for the gym), and black socks, and gym uniform for the gym.

Gym Uniform

Gym uniform for both boys and girls consists of maroon pants and maroon sweatshirt. Gym footwear must be black, white, or maroon.


The Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist School has adopted a prescribed uniform for the students enrolled in the school. Students of Grades 1-5 are required to wear the full uniform determined by the school. Uniforms are to be obtained from Ideal Department Store, 1814 Flatbush Avenue, near Avenue K, telephone (718) 252-5090. Uniforms should be ordered at least two (2) months in advance to ensure readiness for the opening of school. Please obtain order blanks, style, and price list from the school.

Uniformity in dress is encouraged and students are required to wear full uniform during school attendance as well as to and from school.

Students are also expected to be well-groomed at all times and whenever they appear in public. They must be neat, clean, modest, and representative of a true Christian.

Dress and Jewelry

Students are encouraged to dress modestly. Colorful cosmetics, nail polish, items of jewelry including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, ornaments, and other types of jewelry must not be worn or brought to school. Any such items brought to school will be confiscated until the end of the school year or parents must come to retrieve them.

Parents are requested to cooperate with the school in all these matters and should send a written note of explanation when a student cannot be in full uniform. Failure to present this note may result in the child being sent home immediately.


The hair should be neat and clean at all times. Hairstyles should be modest. Matted hair is strictly prohibited. Boys should not completely shave their head, nor wear any other extravagant hairstyle. The school administration reserves the right to determine what is appropriate.

Continuous refusal to comply will be considered serious and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.